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Published: 2021-06-24 04:40:04
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Where does Bill Gates eat? According to the various lists Bill Gates is either the worlds richest person or has been within the top three for the better part of a generation. As CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates changed the way humanity interacts with itself and its environment. The revolution he ushered has made what once would have been considered ‘magic’ possible. With his creativity and business acumen he has accumulated a vast fortune. The vast majority of his fortune, some 95%, is dedicated to philanthropic purposes. Where does such a man eat? Why should he want to dine with me?

I bring to the table many interesting qualifications. I obtained my BA in Business Administration from Webster University as well as having mastered several IT suites at the university. Throughout my academic life, I always maintained interesting internships that have developed me in a variety of ways. Using my native knowledge of Russia, I provided several companies Russia expertise, and partook in Russian market development for each enterprise I was engaged by. Russia and the former Soviet Republics are an important growth area in the modern world. While once totalitarianism held them back from technological and consumer growth, today thought and consumerism is flourishing. That is not to say that there are no problems and setbacks in these states, however, that is exactly why having someone versed in the possible pitfalls is important. With Microsoft particularly, and the technology industry generally, increasingly picking up in Russia it is important to be kept to date with the developments in the area whether they are technological, political, or industrial in nature.

The discussion with Mr. Gates would take many turns and I would like to discuss a wide variety of things. Firstly, I’d like to understand how he sees the development of Russia and the caucuses. Software piracy is rampant in this part of the world and this potentially puts a wrench in his plans for development and philanthropy. Perhaps we would brainstorm ways to overcome software piracy and to make legitimate software affordable and usable to the average Russian. The advantages that this would deliver are innumerable, but chief amongst them would be the development of computer literacy and hopefully a modicum of respect for copy write laws. Next I would turn to his philanthropic pursuits.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is already funded with some 30 Billion dollars. The provide grants and support research in a wide number of areas devoted to human health. One of their main initiatives is HIV research and prevention in Africa. However, a myriad of health initiatives are supported and this is truly great work. I would like to thank Mr. Gates for spearheading this tireless effort to combat human disease. Diseases have been ravaging humanity for millennia and in this modern age we are at the cusp of being able to finally control infections and manage healthcare in a just and efficient manner. Mr. Gates is at the forefront of these challenges. I would like to discuss other health initiatives throughout the world with him. For instance, I would like to understand his opinions regarding the use of computers and the social networks developed through the Internet to combat other diseases, ones that are ravaging closer to home, such as diabetes. In many ways, poor communities in western societies are bearing a terrible burden of disease not dissimilar to sub-saharan Africa and other developing nations. What can be done to tackle obesity and diabetes in the western urban environment? The healthcare crisis is just as looming.

I would like to believe that we would obviously exchange pleasantries. While discussing business development in Russia and the tolls different diseases take on different parts of the world, I would also like to know about his familial life. Who is Melinda Gates, what are her passions and areas of expertise? How are his children and how are they progressing in school? I’d also ask if he enjoys his meal and if we should get another bottle of wine.

After the next bottle of wine, I would like to ask him about his university background. It is widely known that he dropped out of Harvard University due to his passion for computers and starting his own business. I would ask him if in retrospect he would do the same thing again. Bill Gate’s parents were famously supportive of his decision to drop out of a prestigious university in order to start his own company. I would be curious how he thinks he would respond should one of his children do the same now.
All in all, it would be a very comprehensive interview. I would like to impart some of my experience on him and offer suggestions. I would furthermore like to gain wisdom of the marketplace from this titan of industry. His achievements are truly remarkable, he has changed the paradigm the world operates under. It would be truly mutually beneficial because my knowledge of the Russian markets and the Central European markets offer an opportunity to further both industrial and philanthropic causes. To answer the first question, we would probably eat at home! There is simply too much waste and the resources would best be utilized serving the world.

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