System Integration Research Proposal Example

Published: 2021-07-11 06:05:05
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System integration is a significant component and process for enterprises which have many systems in place. One of the requirements is to have system integration in order to have a single coherent service for the customer in an environment that is distributed. This paper will focus on system integration for Triamun Company which deals with healthcare services. The company will require to have system integration because of the different systems that are found to be the system (Bernardo et al., 2012). There is a need to have system integration because of the many systems which are known to be running within the company. It requires that a one solution for the company be achieved through integrating the different systems within the company for oneness.
Triamum Company was founded in 2000 and operated as a joint-venture for two organisaitons, Galencia Group and that of Ludwig & Partner. One of the modules that needs to be integrated to the one system is that used for pharmacies. The point-of-sale (POS) system has features like cash sales, warehouse management, and customer billing capabilities. One of the requirements for the POS is that there is a need to have a synchronized support between the pharmacist and the customer in the process of sales. One of the issues is that here should be data availability without any delay in the entire case and process (Bernus, Mertins, & Schmidt, 2013).
There is also a patient management system which is undertaken and need to be integrated to become one system. This module is for doctors and supports such functionalities as making appointment for the patient with the doctor, registering the results for the patient, warehouse management, and patient billing. There is also a connection with the insurance company that the customer is connected and has services from. There are also functions such as customer relationships, master data, and documentation of the medication provided, management of the materials, service billing, crystal reports, and statistics.
The significance of the system integration comes as a significant process and need as there are users who are using the current system. At the moment, there are 13 doctors and 2 pharmacies which are using the system. It calls for the need to have system integration so that the data and business processes done by the users will not have to be disconnected. With the use of system integration, the systems will be one and there will be one connection in the entire processes.
Business overview
Triamum Company has to have various platforms that will be used in the entire organization that will be tasked with the billing process of the different business processes. There will be insurance companies that will have to be billed for the services that have been offered by the pharmacies and the services that are offered by the company. One of the requirements is to have the modules working from one platform in order to ensure that the procedures are done with one accord and with one approach (Galliers, & Leidner, 2014).
Technical overview
The Triamum Platform for healthcare will be based on a 3-tier architecture. There is the client side, the logic side, and the database. The client side is where the client will access the system using a web browser. It is here that the client will be required to access the system using the client side and will need to have ways and procedures that will have the accessibility of the system in the entire working of the software.
In the case provided, the working of the different modules is not effective as the modules operate in different environments. One of the requirements is to have the modules and all the business processes done and operated on one environment. One benefit of this is that there will be efficiencies in the data and that there will be issues that will be associated with the integration which will enable the business strategic managers realize other ways of improving the services.
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