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Published: 2021-06-23 09:25:05
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First and foremost Stanley Kowalski is a son of a Polish immigrant who lives in Elysian Fields in New Orleans in some room in a shabby settlement of the French. He is married to Stella the sister to Blanche Dubois. And they appear happy from their marriage contentment even though they live in strange and desolate shanty. Just moments after Blanches arrival Stanley comes in with duo friends Mitch who stays with his sick mother and Steve who lives with his partner upstairs. Stanley is less hospitable to Blanches as he expresses descent humor and apparent accommodation that is blended with an unceremonious inherent attitude.

The following day in the evening Stella tells him of the lose of their family homestead in Mississippi [Belle Reve] in order to settle off debts. Albeit, Stanley is somewhat perturbed by Benches reserving herself all the profits and he apparently grabs papers from her upon demands on the ground that, he is justified on the basis that, he is legally bound in responsibility to the child that, Stella is expecting. Thereafter he is left to attend to his affairs in the house when the two sisters live.

Stella and Belch comes back and find Stanley and his trio friends playing but they are owed struck by his belligerent nature. He throws a radio through the window which hits Stella and Blanche takes her upstairs from whence he is called by her husband Stanley after sobering from a cold shower. Then, the couple reconcile under their embrace and move to their flat peacefully. Thereafter Stanley returns from bowling and threateningly enquires from Blanche about Shaw and Flamingo hotel after overhearing the gossip about him from the two sisters whereof Blanche later on complains of Stanley’s hostility after her unsuccessful evening outing with Mitch.

On the eve of Blanche’s birthday, Stanley comes in with an exhaustive detailed account of her past life as a prostitute, her promiscuous nature while she was still attached to her teaching job which she lost too after attempting to seduce her pupil. When the birthday meal is a loath to come to an end, Stanley is aggrieved upon bearing criticisms from her wife about his unpleasant code of conduct. He hands over to Blanche a with a bus fare ticket back to Laurel at which Stella gets angry but she immediately calms down on finding out that her childbirth pains are on the onset on which account they both live immediately leaving Blanche behind. Stanley comes back from hospital and finds Blanches dressed up in tight evening regalia, he then feigns anger when Blanche lies to him about Mitch’s attitude about her. He makes deliberate sexual advances towards her but she launches resistance with a help of a bottle but all in vain and Stanley successful y rapes her.

Lastly, the episode closes with Stanley playing poker with his friends as they await the arrival of a doctor and a nurse from an institution run by the state that handles and addresses cases of the mentally impaired. Complementarily Stella refuses to acknowledge Blanches version of her husbands sexual advances and concomitant sexual assault on her sister and chooses rather ignore it for the sake of her baby and herself preferring to stand he husband. On the medical practioners arrival and after the nurse address Blanche and Stanley are admonished out and when they leave Stella with her unborn child Stanley attempts to make advances of love to her sister in law for a second time.

In conclusion, it is exuded from the story an overwhelming male domineering character since, Stanley hits his wife and summons her almost immediately and she obeys without dissent and uncomplainingly. Secondly, when Stanley eavesdrops and overhears Stella and Blanche gossip about her she rescinds into silence out of fear. Another episode of supremacy of Stanley over his wife is elucidated when her wife aligns with him on hearing his ugly love behavior with his sister in-law under the guise of safeguarding her psychological state and for the new-born baby’s sake. Last yet not least, Stella refrains from criticizing his husband on seeing him aggrieved during Blanche’s birthday.

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