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Published: 2021-07-01 17:05:04
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The first thing that I did not know about the Chap 10 Socha Book is the relationship between coaching and communication. I realized that there was a distinct relationship between the two. That is, there are numerous potential connections between the various forms of empowerment coaching and communication including the improvement of the well-being and health of in individuals. The second thing that I did not know is the nine points of connection between coaching and communication. On the other hand, the first thing I found awesome in the video and its commentary is the manner in which they gave individuals an opportunity to evaluate themselves and position themselves in situations that affect the achievement of their success. Second, I found it awesome that the video it focused on a single agenda, which is to empower and support the personal success and ideas of individuals.

The video is an example of life coaching because it encompasses an empowering and interactive process that enables and inspires individuals to achieve their goals and realize their dreams in life. It focuses on the well-being of people in the society by taking a positive approach in focusing on the strengths of individuals.

The coach is the facilitator of the video and the individual providing inspiring information in the video. The actions in the video also act life-coaching aspects because they are practical with a goal of preventing the obstacles that might be obstacles of to progress. There are various ways of knowing that an individual or individuals are coaching others. First, one can examine their actions and characters. Coaching is an action-oriented practice that focuses on the plans of the clients.

One can also determine if an individual is coaching others by evaluating the communication techniques of the individual. Communication is paramount in life coaching. Efficient aspects of communication improve the well-being of individuals being coached.

The coaching elements that overlap with communication include goal setting, accountability, well-being of the whole person, reframing, identification of values and priorities, listening, validation, celebrating and encouraging, and positive language. The most important of these coaching elements as used in the video is positive language. The employment of positive language in coaching focuses the attention of the clients on potential. This element of coaching and style of language encourages the people to take responsibility of their actions and view the world in a positive way.
As such, the video employs the positive language that helps individuals to focus what they would want to have happened instead of shifting their focus on dreaded aspects. The coaching depicted in the video relies on positive language so that the positive impact lies within the process and the outcome as well. The coaching and communication connection I saw is listening. Listening is an integral element in communication. It defines the extent of understanding in communication. Listening enhances effective communication by allowing for the evaluation of the information received during a given communication.

On the other hand, communication is an essential element of coaching. Therefore, that makes listening an integral aspect of coaching, thus forming a connection. Many coaches have training on proper listening techniques when dealing with the clients. As such, they communicate efficiently with their clients by fully listening to them. On the other hand, the clients should have appropriate ways of listening to the coaches in order to execute the information in their lives.

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