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Published: 2021-07-05 10:35:04
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Figure 1 Digital Camera 4
Figure 2 Lenovo Desktop PC 5
Figure 3 RAM Mount 6
Figure 4 Motion Studio 3D 7
Professional Practice in Computer Graphics
My hobby being 3D graphics in which I have already undertaken a few projects, and completed them successfully spurs me to set up my own 3D Visual Effects Company as a sole trader due to dearth of experts in this line. Also, I wish to include 3D graphics’ teaching sessions to disseminate this knowledge of mine to others having an interest in 3D graphics. I enumerate below my plan for a new business and its feasibility with brief description (“Rendering”).
Descriptions and Prices of Equipment
The generation of scene files for visualization and visual effects, rendering will be used. It will effectively take care of rendering an equation as a scene looks predictable and realistic under virtual lighting. Under the project, objects in data structure in scene files that contain texture, viewpoint, lighting, shading and 3D geometry would vividly present the virtual scene. I preferred rendering by purchasing my personal computer for my new company("Rendering: computer graphics”; “Rendering"). I will use my own Camera having specifications as follows:
- Camera Specifications are:
- Model Name: FinePix Real 3D W3
- CCD Sensor: 1 / 2.3 inch CCD *2
- Storage Media: 34 MB internal memory, SD card, SDHC memory card
- Len: Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens, F3.7(Wide) - F4.2(Telephoto) (Fujifilm FinePix 3D W3 Digital Camera").
Figure 1 Digital Camera
Desktop PC
I will buy a personal computer for rendering, and selected computer having specifications be most suitable for this 3D effects task. The computer is of Lenovo IdeaCentre K430 Desktop PC. Computer with an Intel i7 3.4 GHz processor, and 16 GB RAM , 2TB HDD, DVD, LAN, WLAN, NVidia Graphics, and Windows 8.
Price: £899.95
This computer is readily available on For the 3D visual effects, many developers available in the market but I selected the Motion Studio for its unique performance and affordable cost("Lenovo Ideacentre K430 Desktop PC").
Figure 2 Lenovo Desktop PC
Figure 3 RAM Mount
Source adopted from,("MotionStudio 3D")
Motion Studio for 3D Visual Effects
It is an innovative tool for 3D Visual Effects, Advanced Graphics, Real-time Color Grading and 3D composing. This software is not available, so it needs to buy.
Price: £55.99.
Motion Studio 3D will be purchased online. The Motion Studio 3D is simple to use and have an interface, text features, and much more. It is capable of providing many special effects("MotionStudio 3D")..
Figure 4 Motion Studio 3D
All the suppliers are the real ones as the link and images have been given herewith to check their authenticity.
After analyzing the market rates for above mentioned equipment and software, I have selected most economical equipment that is available online. There are many hardware /software vendors/developers including Imagine VFX and Axis Animation, Frame Store and Amazon but I have a constraint on the budget and tried to accommodate all the necessary elements in the least possible budget, but I planned for long term benefits.
The list includes herewith have all equipment that is required for the 3D effects services for a particular drama with their details and prices. After acquisition of all these equipment, the execution process will start rolling. I intend to start this venture due to my experience in, and intense passion for, graphic design and video editing.
Feasibility Report
The prices quoted below by me for my services are much less than the industry standard, and hope, would not prove a burden for consumers.
Rendering will take an hour to create a video from conceptualization. As my company possesses all required equipment, I will include only service charges. I have full confident with my skills. I will charge £650 for the whole 3D visual effects task for this drama splitting the details as follows:
Equipment Service charges = £200
Editing = £50
Composing = £100
Graphics = £100
Mounting =£100
Modeling = £100
Grand Total = £650
This feasibility report has been prepared after according due considerations to all essential elements involved such as quality of software, its efficiency, and costs. Every effort has been made to minimize cost, but without compromising the quality and efficacy of equipment that will be used to develop a realistic view of the fort. Viewers will be hard put to distinguish between the real view and the 3D view.
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The Director
Axis Animation
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am a diligent and young artist with deep interest in, and intense passion for, graphic design and audio effects fascinate. I aspire to work for your company to use of my talent and potentials, and contribute my might to the development of your enterprise. Your company is acclaimed worldwide for your expertise in animation, visual effects, and graphics. Your masterpiece presentation of Zach Snyder’s Punch has been awesome, and I developed a fascination for your company in which I want to sharpen and horn my intellect and skills.
I am confident that my enthusiasm, innovative mindset, and skills would contribute significantly to your company's strive to achieve great heights. I expect your early favorable response.
Thank you.
T +1xxxxxxxxxxxx
HP# +1xxxxxxxxxx
The Director
Imagine VFX
Leeds, United Kingdom
I have a background of Graphic Design with a bachelors degree, and gained work experience of three years as a freelance designer. Animation, templates, 3D visual effects and animation, promotional activities such as logo creation and book cover designing are my specialties. I am proficient in employing Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, and Dreamweaver. Thus, I am of firm belief that my qualification, as well as experience, make me most suitable for the post to be offered by your company.
I will strive to excel and prove my worth once I get an opportunity to serve your esteemed company. I assure total dedication, and application of my entire experience and knowledge to augment the prospect of your enterprise. I attach herewith my resume, containing the detailed description of my achievements and capabilities, for your kind perusal and favorable response.
Thanking you,
T +1xxxxxxxxxxxx
HP# +1xxxxxxxxxx

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