Interpersonal Communication COMM 200 Course Works Examples

Published: 2021-06-25 04:10:05
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Personally, I agree with Terri Orbuch’s view on consistent quality communication in marriage. Through consistent quality communication, couples are provided a key to a good marriage. Couples should make a point to find quality time to communicate well with each other; consistent quality communication creates trust and respect. For couples, communication is sharing and thoroughly knowing each other well through the years of marriage. A quality communication is not obtained over night, instead a lifetime healthy marriage adjustments that result to harmony and understanding in a relationship. Happy marriage and self – disclosure is associated in quality communication between couples, the sharing of personal feelings, uncertainties, discernments, and apprehensions.. On the contrary, if self – disclosure not established well on marriage, it would lead to shame, less self – worth, weakened relationship, and marriage separation.

The moment self – disclosure is well established in marriage, most likely couples express their genuine love and in one way or another sincerely support each other. All throughout the marriage, positive effects for interpersonal relationship is an advantage and resulting to a happy marriage. Higher marital quality leads to readiness for self – disclosure. For example, my parents have been an inspiration to me; they both shared their dreams, and inspired each other despite some difficulties in their marriage. Success and satisfaction in marriage are results of self – disclosure; openness between couples is one of the factors to have a happy marriage, not a typical fairy tale, yet a marriage full of love and respect respectively. In addition, affective affirmation has a great impact in happy marriages. To let a partner know how special he is, valued through the years, and he is not taken for granted.

The journey in marriage is the search for satisfaction and endurance of love in a relationship. Love in a relationship has a great influenced in both man and woman for them to behave well accordingly. Quality communication, especially verbal communication is necessary in both genders. Concerning the research – based generalization, I believed that I belong in the generalization the fact that I am a human being, who loved, needs love, and forever will express love; openness, respect, and satisfaction.

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