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Published: 2021-07-03 15:15:05
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“Art is a proof of the existence of humankind” were the words that became my inspiration to understand and acquire arts with a whole new perspective. I was attending an Art Festival several years back where a renowned lecturer’s mentioned words paved a new path for me to follow. Although I already had an interest in the subject, his insightful lecture triggered my curiosity to gain more knowledge of art’s history and to dig into the subject for understanding it better.

After attaining Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, I am currently in the first year of Associate Degree in ‘Visual Communication Design and Sustainability’ at Yew Chung Community College, Hong Kong. I consider myself a fortunate person as I have been surrounded by Art since my early days. Being an antique collector, my father and his decent hobby have influenced me a lot in both direct and indirect ways. For these reasons, he is my major motivator whose guidance and companionship instigated in me a deep and passionate interest for Arts since my childhood years. His remarkable art collections and innumerable antiques have enabled me to enrich myself with old stories and been an inspiration for me since my early years. The presence of valuable art in my home and seeing my father taking care of his collections like his own offspring have also motivated me to take up History of Arts as my main subject. I am exceptionally inquisitive to discover and decipher the stories behind ancient art pieces. In addition, we regularly visit art exhibitions and auctions where I am always spellbound and mesmerized by the artworks and historic art pieces. Till this day, I have visited about sixty art exhibitions and auctions. Such visits further make me interested to learn about the untold tales behind the creation of beautiful traditional art works. In addition, I have travelled around the world in study trips and have gained travel experience related to ‘Art History’. I have been to Thailand, China, France, Italy, England, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Japan.

Studying ‘History of Art’ has become an important part of my life due to my inquisitiveness nature. I wish to become more aware of the surrounding world. I believe that art from the ancient times has various hints and traces to the past life. Whenever I look at an art work, I become curious to know about its materials, symbolism, usage of colors and other intricate details. This helps me to gain knowledge the culture that created it. I also like to make comparisons between different artworks. This practice enables me to learn about diverse perspectives. I believe that taking up History of Art would offer me a well-formed approach to observe people, events, and situations. I also assume that analysis of artworks from the ancient times and observing their different features would allow me to rewind time. Such experiences would particularly enthrall me and quench my curiosity to know what it was like to be in a different period of time. I also yearn to know how art has contributed in transforming people. History of Art is the only subject that would enable me to find out what man has done before. It would also provide me an outlook concerning the revolutions brought in human speech, feelings, and opinions with the passage of time. I also wish to follow

Leonardo Da Vinci, Manet, Monet, Michael Angelo, Picasso and Van Gogh as their art has given me a unique insight in understanding intricacies of art works.
I am confident that pursuing studies in ‘History of Art’ would absolutely satisfy me. I am always fascinated by the antiques and artworks whenever I visit exhibitions and auctions. I want to feel the same way forever as it gives me a feeling of infinity. In general, I see an artwork as an application and absorption of an idea into a physical entity. However, the ideas are not always apparent and one has to look beyond a piece to analyze and interpret its true meaning or message. However, there are fewer art pieces that have inspired me till date as I have a habit of scrutinizing art with a critical eye. For this reason, I feel exceptionally satisfied when I am able to discover an underlying theme or message. I feel like I possess a unique power of solving a mystery after noticing and realizing a deliberate or unintentional message of an artwork.

I have also developed an interest in reading books related to the subject. The works that have particularly impressed me are Timothy J. Clark’s “The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and his Followers”. I really liked the way the author has given illuminating interpretations of different paintings in this book. Another book that I consider an important read is Craig Clunas’ “Art in China” that explores Asian Art and also provides a full spectrum of Chinese visual arts. I also enjoyed Linda Nochlin’s “Women, Art, and Power: And Other Essays” that provided adequate information regarding the status of women in the world of Art. I have also read and liked Thomas Crow’s “Modern Art in the Common Culture” as it explores the associations between modern mass culture and avant-grad art. Furthermore, I am also involved in enriching activities oil painting and ceramic art since the age of seven. Even after fourteen years, my passion in the stated activities has not lessened.

Considering the above details concerning my passion, I believe that History of Art would allow me to satisfy my personal and professional desires. For me, it is undoubtedly true that this remarkable subject could provide an evidence of the existence of mankind. I consider it correct that History of Arts enables one to discover the realities regarding different time periods and human characteristics during the time of the origination of any artwork. Studying and delving into this subject would open new doors for me to explore the cultural and historical enhancement in social development. As far as I am concerned, I believe that I can become a successful fine art auctioneer. My enriched childhood years and present life experiences have made me realize that History of Art appeals me the most. I also did three months internship at ‘Para/Site Art Space’ (an art gallery) in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong where I learnt about the organization of exhibitions and auctions. This experience gave me the awareness of the career prospects of an auctioneer. It is a diverse subject that would make me capable of working with various supports. I am really looking forward to become a fine art auctioneer in my professional life as I could then be able to access many cultures all over the world. The subject would empower me to interpret history and beliefs of a culture by glancing over a still image, a sculpture or even a white canvas.

After careful research and consideration, I have chosen University of Hong Kong to study my favorite subject. The reasons are straightforward. I wish to highlight that the associate degree that I am attaining currently is a two-year program. However, I would like to enter the University of Hong Kong and become a part of the program as a one-student. The ‘History of Art’ Department in the said educational institution offers the only all-inclusive training in art history training that is not offered by any other university in Hong Kong or China.

I am desperately looking forward to take on my Ph.D in History of Art under the incomparable and internationally-renowned faculty at the Hong Kong University. I am hopeful that becoming a part of this program would provide me the opportunity of gaining no-nonsense and realistic job-related understanding and skill concerning museum work. I believe that I would be a mature person in my personal and professional life after the completion of this course. Art is an ironic, uncompromised, and striking doorway to mankind’s history. I am all geared up to unlock this entrance way to gain undiscovered worlds.

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