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Published: 2021-07-10 07:25:05
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Complete Name of Professor
Part 1 Answers
a. Being a marketing assistant is a fulfilling job yet it is at the same time a crucial one. It goes along with it a lot of responsibilities for in your hands lie the future of the company. Now if I need to track the data about booth components, equipment, shippers and shipments and identify what are the typical fields for each type of data, it is important to make a unique identifier for each item. It is by doing so that I do not clutter my database and avoid putting in information that I don’t think I would need or will ever use.
As for the booth component, the following are the typical fields: booth ID and component ID. As for the equipment type of data, essential fields are essential: property tag, description, the serial number as well as the model number. As for the shippers and shipments, the following fields should be present: name of the shipper, address, phone and then point of contact and schedule of shipment.
b. Yes, I could use spreadsheet to keep track of this data but just as there are advantages of using spreadsheet, it also has some disadvantages. The advantages include: the features of a spreadsheet make calculations easier to understand by putting a display of the formula of the development of a sum and the ability to write notes explaining each item or line. Also, the grid encasing the cells can either be visible or hidden in print outs so that reports can be generated in accordance with the display of the spreadsheet. On the other hand, what makes using spreadsheet disadvantageous is the fact that using it can be deskilling which means that employees no need to have specialist skills. Moreover, the individual spreadsheets installed in every PC enables individuals to easily hoard data without the consent or cooperation with their colleagues .
c. An example of two relationships that I need to track are booth and equipment. The primary key is component ID. The alternate keys could be serial number or model number. The foreign key could be property tag.
d. I would likely need data entry form and reports. Data entry forms are interfaces that I will use to work with my data. It provides an easy-to-use format for me to work with my data and allow me to add functional elements. Moreover, forms allow me to control how other users interact with data in the database. I would likewise need the reports. Reports are what I would use in order to summarize and present data in the tables. These reports can be formatted so that all the information can be formatted in such a way that it is most readable. Since the report can be run any time, it will always reflect the current data in the database.
e. My application will be for multiple users and because of such, I would need an enterprise DBMS. Through enterprise DBMS, large organizational and work group databases are processed. It supports 24/7 operations and has the ability to manage databases that span dozens of these different magnetic disks which has hundreds of gigabytes of data.
Part 2 Answers
Biometric Authentication is a type of system that employs the unique biological characteristics of a person to verify identity for secure logins into electronic systems.
Advantages of biometric authentication
Disadvantages of biometric authentication
Using biometric authentication also has some drawbacks. Among which are its cost. It is more expensive to buy than the traditional ones. Moreover, quite a number of individual do not like the system because it seems an intrusion of privacy to them. Also, one cannot still get a hundred percent accuracy with this system because the colds or any illness of a person as well as gaining and losing weight might affect for the system to make a correct identification.
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