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Published: 2021-07-05 14:40:07
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The case is about the development issues related with the new real estate project named Downtown. It was not having very good reputation among the citizens nearby the construction site, which was the reason behind the worry of top management of the Downtown Dayton Partnership firm. Now company was seeking a plan to take an action on to it. The company had an strategy to make the property more user friendly by eliminating the problems existed in the project. Now the top management of the Partnership firm wanted to have a vision for the downtown project to make it more suitable for the living and commercial purposes for the entire region.
Downtown management decided to come on to the unanimous conclusion to decide the serve the whole area. Partnership decided to take a survey and created a questionnaire to get the feedback from the entire reason to come onto the unanimous decision to go ahead with the projects. Analysis of the questionnaire is as follows:
Analysis of Survey
Survey method has adopted and questionnaire prepared to get the data from the target segment to come onto the consensus consisting nine questions in the questionnaire. DDN Downtown research was based on the survey method. Questionnaire has been prepared by the management of downtown by using survey method to get the opinion of the people about the project. Under this survey method it was not given that which type they will adopt to collect the information. Either they will take interview or it would be a self-administered exercise by the respondent itself? Also questions does not following the proper format which does not provide the correct results and also unable to generate the interest of respondents.
Communications is concerned it is somewhat clear but still restrictions in the second question generate the confusion by providing the more than two options. It was better to keep this question open ended or do not restricted it to choose any two options. Also the statement related with confidentiality is missing in the questionnaire which may create disinterest in participation.
Questionnaire design is concerned the order of the questionnaire didn’t follow the proper method during preparation. It must start with the general questions first related with demographic details first and then to generate the interest of the participant it start with general questions. The section “To help us to understand your answers” must be the starting general questions to keep the flow of the questionnaire. Sequencing of the questionnaire got distorted which is creating the problem to understand the basic purpose of the survey. The format used for question two may create problem due to limitation of the question asked. It is forced questionnaire which would unable to give accurate results because of bias and restriction got involved.
Sampling Methodwhich Partnership was looking to adopt the all-inclusive census method of sampling, but it is not possible to conduct it due to both time financial viability. It is not practically possible to conduct the survey of 153843 people so it is recommended to opt for stratified random sampling to conduct the survey. With the help of formula the sample size for the city of Dayton would be 343 to conduct the survey based on the scientific methods.
The survey needed huge changes in the methodology and questionnaire. Before using the same questionnaire it is recommended to follow the suggestions to prepare an accurate questionnaire to get the error free results.

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