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Published: 2021-07-04 00:50:05
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Cats maintain a certain level of aloofness, especially when they stare with their piercing green eyes. Their movements are lithe and fluid and most often, without a sound. They have distinct features that make them look like cute home companions.
Typically, cats have a round-shape face, while others are triangular. With ears pointed and erect, the ears are naturally larger at the base and pointed towards the tips. Apart from being decorative, their ears are also functional because they can hear extremely high and low frequency sounds. Cats have eyes that resemble human eyes in shape. Some are round, almond shaped, or somewhere in-between. They typically have smaller noses and jaws that make them look flat-faced, unlike other animals. Cats also have sharp teeth, which they use for piercing and tearing meat. They have about 12 incisors and four large canine teeth for tearing and molar teeth for chewing. They have whiskers that are actually part of their sinus hair. Cats are averse to odors, thus, they tend to cover disagreeable smells. Odor is one of the features of food that makes them eat a lot.
Cats are endowed with supple paws and jagged claws which are also retractable. Their tails are often bushy and flurry, except those breeds that do not have much hair. A cat has several coats of hair such as the guard hairs, which are long and thick and coarse to the touch, that help insulate the cat’s body. They also have awn hairs or the thinner hairs for insulation, and the secondary hairs, for temperature control. In addition, their fur has a combination of soft and coarse feel to it.

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