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Published: 2021-06-25 17:35:05
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My emotion when I took the interview is that I felt nothing at all even when the interviewer said that the next questions will be more sensitive. However, I did not feel anything that triggered my emotion because there was no voice that conveys the emotion of the interviewer aside from that the interview would appear to be boring if the topic were not interesting.

Overall, the web based interview is similar to filling out forms because all you need to do is to read the question and answer it. Compared to this interview, traditional human interview is far better than web-based interviews because you will have the opportunity to brainstorm, discuss ideas and view different opinions than in web based which only accepts your answer without having an argument or opinion with it.

The interviewer doesn’t have a personality because it lacks voice that will help me discern emotions. Moreover, since the interview was conducted on the internet, delicate questions such as asking for my opinion about the animal torture in the farming industry would be more effective if these were asked in a traditional interview because this topic is a highly debated one and it strike the interviewee to give their ‘real’ opinions compared to the web interview.

Although I did not encounter illogical questions during the web interviews, my suggestion would be it is more effective if there is a voiceover or recording instead of reading the questions; second, it would be best of the applicant or interviewee will have the chance to speak instead of manually typing the questions because ideas flow differently in verbal than in written. Moreover, I would still prefer traditional interview because of the voice and facial expressions, and this interview would be more successful if it has a voiceover or recording included.

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