Good Case Study About Layout Grids And Mockups

Published: 2021-07-07 02:10:05
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With the development of websites, the design and visual representation of the website is an important component that should be taken into consideration when designing. The use of web grids is to show how the website will look like and the prototype that will be followed in the design of the site. With the use of the design tools, the design of the final website will be simpler than when there is no use of these tools. It is important to know what the final website will look like and where the content will be placed in the website. It is an important strategy that is being used in the website. With the need to integrate different components in a webpage, the use of the layout grids help to understand how the strategic places will help get the attention of the viewers of the website. This is an important point of concern for users. The site will be used by different levels of users. There will be administrators, managers, and normal users. Their different roles will determine the areas that they will be interested in the website. It is important to design a website which will be used to show the various uses of the website. This is an important role in this process of web design (Rosen, & Purinton, 2004).
The use of the mockups in the website will also help the designer to understand the different levels of pages in the use of the site. This is an important process that should be undertaken in the design of any website. With the use of page mockups, the page design will help come up with the desired look and feel of the website. This is an important process that should be looked at while designing a given website. The website that will be designed will have a prototype that will be followed while designing the different pages. The mockups will help understand overall web page design and what is required in each page of the website. This will help the designers to decide on the number of pages and the look of the navigation buttons that are found within the website. It is important to understand the requirements of the paper and what needs to be achieved in the whole design of the website. This will be achieved with the use of the mockups which will show the physical layout of the different pages (Nielsen, 2000).
There will be the logo of the organization. This will show the overall look of the website and what needs to be included in the website. This will be shown in the way the website will be structured and laid out. There will be different sections of the website which will show how the different parts of the home page will take the different users of the website (Veen, 2000).
This is the design of the website where there are advertisement banners at the home page. This will be replicated in the various web pages of the site.
The mockup for the administrators will be as shown in the diagram below:
The web pages for the users will be the same as the administrator website safe for the need to log into the website.
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