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Published: 2021-07-05 02:00:04
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The amount of Indian opium that was reaching Canton increased simultaneously right after the abolition of British east Indians company’s monopoly in China trade in the year 1834. It is estimated that over sixteen thousands chest of Malwa and Bengali opium with a dollar value of seventeen million three hundred and eighty eight thousands six hundred and twenty two in the early nineteenth century, were brought into China illegally through importation.
Originally, opium was classified as a medicine qualities being stimulant. It was known to monitor over secretions and control harmful effects of noxious vapours. It was a necessity resorting to it in the event it was habituated for long to inhaling it. Those people who used it in excess ended up suffering breathing difficulties. The conditions identified for excess intake include breathing becoming feeble, face becoming sallow, the body being wasted, and the teeth being black. Despite the fact individuals see the clearly the harmful effects of it, they still can’t refrain from them.
There are three distinctive kinds of opium. The first kind is known as the company’s. Its outer covering is black, therefore, also called the black earth and comes from Bengal. The second kind is referred to as the white skin, and it comes from Bombay. The third one is known as the red skin, and comes from Madras. All these places belong to England.
My opinion to this issues is that at any time, when evil exists, it should be immediately be dealt with by removing it. In addition, laws and regulations should not be suffered to completely fall into the desuetude. For individuals, we need to avoid what we know is evil.

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