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Published: 2021-07-01 11:55:05
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EXT. STORE PARKING LOT - LATE AFTERNOONA YOUNG WOMAN, early 20's, stands in the parking lot of a shabby-looking grocery store. She has a haggard expression and wears a work apron below a puffy down jacket. She is just about to light up a cigarette when she freezes. Peering ahead, she sees a BLACK LIMOUSINE coming toward her. She recognizes the limousine and has a brief debate on whether to go back into the store or stay standing. Her hands are trembling with rage, and she stands in anticipation of what she predicts will be an explosive confrontation, for yet another time. CATHY takes a deep, calculated breath and waits for him. The door to the black limousine opens, and TIM steps out. Elegantly dressed, five feet tall and topped with a French aura about him, Tim takes a few steps toward her and holds roughly holds her elbow.
You are hurting meumWhat do you wantanyway?
(Hissing through his teeth in rage)
You know Cathy. So let us save each other sometime. Where is it?
(Breathing frantically)
How many times..
A RUGGED MAN passes and stares at the scene in a way that suggests he is a rebel looking for trouble. Slowly he moves towards Tim, who is now adjusting his suit and trying to attain composure. The man approaches him with a fixed determination to set him straight.
(Glancing over at Cathy)
Are you okay missy? Is he giving you trouble?
Yes, nothing is wrongah Thank you Mister.
She takes the opportunity to run back into the store and is blatantly aware of Tim’s eyes following her in. She knows that he could not confront her in the store for fear of the public ridicule in his associations.
Cathy was anxious as she counted arranged the vegetable section and piled the cabbages together in piles of three, counting and repeating the action because of her absent-mindedness. She takes a gulp of humid air and brushes her red hair from her eyes. She is a beautiful woman who has been weighed down by the struggles of the world and taking care of her ailing mother. She often thought of the impossible world beyond the store and how she would love to explore acting if the chance were afforded to her. Her troubles began when she met Tim, the son of the popular business expatriate and owner of Globe Cinema. The rich often took what they saw fit, in the brutal of ways. At the globe cinema, when she had gone to an audition, he had taken what he saw fit. The results had been too unexpected, creamed with a baby on the way. Cathy sighs as she remembers the moment and instinctively closes her eyes to shut the memory out and keep it buried in her darkest memories. She ruefully picks up a mango that is oddly placed in a pile on the second raw and looks at it with a desperation that could cut through it. She needed to do something that would make Tim stop, and the world needed to know of the ruthlessness of the privileged. If only she could find the help she needed, she would put Tim in his rightful place; a prison dungeon. She muses at this thought and is aware of the ridiculousness that it presents.
KAREN, the store manager, stands up behind Cathy with a straight face. She is a strict looking petite woman with tiny eyes that were covered in big spectacles. She seems unpleased and crinkles her nose in a bid to make sure Cathy gets the message.
(In an impatient tone)
How many times have I told u, the vegetables are arranged in stacks of threes? Our customers expect a beautiful arrangement!
AmUm Sorry Karen, I am shaken up about something. But I will correct that
You had better!
Tim sits up on a green sofa with big pillows and gazes into the fireplace. He is thinking about Cathy and the mistake he had made that night at the cinema. Sometimes, his demons arose, and he did things he could never explain, even to himself. He remembers how she had begged him to stop and had screamed and kicked. The video recording had been on, and Cathy has the tape. He knows that if the world knew, both his father and he would be in trouble. She has to give me the tape, through whichever means available, he thinks to himself as he pours his scotch.
Cathy breathes the fresh, humid air as she adjusts her brown jacket. She has thought about everything and come to a decision. Tomorrow morning, she would go to that attorney on Green Avenue. It was time that the Bridges town knew.

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