Example Of Decimals, Fractions And Percentages Course Work

Published: 2021-07-06 13:35:05
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The website contains an explanation of the overall relationship between, decimals, fractions, and percentages. It further provides background points for teaching. The website provides a description of the relationship between the three mentioned mathematical arguments.

It explains that decimals are fractions that have been written in different way and that fractions are decimals written in different way i.e. decimals represents fractions in a different writing. For example, 1/100 =0.01 and 4/1000= 0.004. This means that the fraction 1/100 is equivalent to the decimal 0.01 and that the fraction 4/1000 is equivalent to the decimal 0.004.

The website helps in understanding of decimals especially place values. A conceptual link between fractions and decimals can be derived easily by considering the compound fractions. For example, 123/100=1.23. This can be expressed as follows; 1 23/100(note that there is space between 1 and 23/100) and it is equivalent to 1 + 23/100. This can further be expressed as follows using the place values of each digit. 1 + 2/10 +3/100. This shows that there is 10-to-1 relationship between any two adjacent digits. The website also describes how to convert fractions to decimals by first expressing the denominator to the power of 10, by using an equivalent fraction or simply division. For example, 2/5=4/10=0.4, using the equivalent fraction and the division method shall also give you the same answer.

The website also describes that the percentage refers to hundredths. A percent can simply be expressed as a hundredth. The percentage can also be expressed as a fraction of the hundredth. For example, ¼=25/100 and can be written as 0.25 or 25% all these refer to the same value expressed in different ways. Therefore, decimals, fractions and percentages are expressions of each other.


Book: Bello, I. (2012). Basic college mathematics. (4th edition). McGraw Hill. 9780073384382Website: http://nzmaths.co.nz/decimals-fractions-and-percentage

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