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Published: 2021-07-06 00:15:05
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Capponnetto, Pasquale, Polosi, Riccardo, Russo, Cristina, Leotta, Carmela, Campagna, Davide. “Journal of Medical Case Reports 5.585 (2011)”
Within their Journal for Medical Case Reports Capponetto Et. Al. Emphasizes that e-cigarretes aids one person that e-cigarettes were not alternative for smoking but it is a tool so that people will at least lessen or quit smoking itself. People see E-cigarettes as a device to limit their cravings and to control withdrawal symptoms brought by nicotine intake by cigarettes. It also helps chain smokers to think that they can stop their addiction to cigarettes.
This source will be a great help to my essay so that I can fully understand what are the purpose of inventing such device. It can be a source so that I can easily explain what e-cigarettes are for. It is a compilation of opinions and studies regarding e-cigarettes good benefits.
DeNoon, Daniel J. “E-Cigarettes Under Fire: No-Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Draw Criticism From FDA, Medical Groups.”
Within DeNoon writings it States that with the lack of regulations regarding e-cigarettes people tend to abuse the device itself.
This source will help me understand the bad benefit of e-cigarettes and the understanding by which e-cigarettes are not safer alternative for cigarette smoking itself.
DeNoon, Daniel J. “FDA: E-Cigarettes Bad, but Not Banned.”
Within the writing of this book it states that FDA commented that the potential addiction for e-cigarettes and also they did say that it is not a safer alternative for cigarettes itself because sometimes cartridges that are claiming they have no nicotine can also have nicotine for a little dosage.
This source will help me fully understand that there is also a danger in using e-cigarettes. It also states that for just minimal amount of hazardous substance it might also endanger our health.
Etter, J.F., Bullen C. “Electronic cigarette: users profile, utilization, satisfaction and perceived efficacy.”
Within statement it states that how users tend to use the e-cigarettes and the satisfaction an e-cigarettes can be attain by using the device.
This source will help me understand the effect of e-cigarettes smoking in every person that is using it and the satisfaction given the device itself.
Farnham, Alan. “E-Cigarette Sales to Hit $1 Billion.”
This news states how e-cigarettes shoot up in a surprisingly fast manner. It sales eventually targets to have a high profit worthb$1 billion.
This source tells me how much the device can fully convince smokers to turn or use an alternative method for smoking. It also helps me understand that people who are into cigarettes and tend to shift to e-cigarettes have a goal in order for them to be healthier. This source provides additional backing to the state of e-cigarette in the industry today and helps us realize why it is an important and current issue that merits further investigation.
Jarvis, M.J. (2004). Why people smoke.
This source states why people smoke and the effects by which nicotine intake can affect one person. It also tell the behavioural aspects of smokers and the sensation given by smoking.
This source tells me how can I answer that question why do people smoke and the effects smoking and how it can easily be turned into addiction.
Laino, Charlene. “E-Cigarettes Don’t Harm Heart, Study Shows.”
This study shows what will be the effect of e-cigarettes smoking in the heart of a person. Also it states that E-cigarettes are not harmful in our heart and we can be at ease by using it.
This source makes me understand that there are no harmful effects in cigarettes smoking in our heart and we can be at ease that our heart is safe and sound even though we are using the e-cigarette. This is an essential supporting evidence to strengthen the case of the harmful effects of e-cigarette to better weigh the benefits the risks.
Silverman, Justin R. “Reading the smoke signals on e-cigarettes”
This journal states what are the difference and regulations that an e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette. It stated that e-cigarettes can be puff anywhere because it has a good scent unlike that tobacco cigarette there is a limited place for it to be used.
This source tells the good thing about e-cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes. It is more easy to use and there are no limits by which you can use the e-cigarette. This source provides additional support to the stand that e-cigarette is helpful and not harmful, a better alternative.

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