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Published: 2021-06-27 12:40:04
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Symptoms of schizophrenia

The existence of non-bizarre delusions is the greatest indication of this disorder.


Seeing, hearing, or sensation of non- existing things. For instance, patients are probable to contend they hear sounds that nobody else can hear. Now and then they hear noises, sometimes they are troubled by seeing or sensing things that others do not

Delusions are untrue beliefs or misapprehensions of occasions & their meaning. For instance, a person may be stimulated by sound from his neighbor’s house & may choose this is an intended attempt to disturb him. Everybody tends to personalize & misapprehend happenings, particularly during eras of anxiety or tiredness (Castle, 2008).

Disorganized speech

Outwardly, it can be seen in the way an individual talks. Individuals with schizophrenia tend to have distress in thinking and upholding thought. They may answer to questions with a discrete response, start sentences with one subject and finish anywhere totally different, talk confusedly or say irrational things.

Disorganized behavior

Schizophrenia interrupts goal-directed action, causing damages in a person’s capacity to maintain herself, work, and intermingle with others.
Symptoms of a delusional quasi-religious group member
Overvalued idea
This is abnormal trust that is neither delusional nor obsessional in nature. It is related with abnormal character. An extremely abnormal spiritual belief can occasionally be considered as an overvalued hint. For example, a person frequently dishonored churches because he believed they showed images of which he criticized.

Abnormal mood state

This includes nervousness disorders, emotional disorders – either despair or joy and depersonalization (Barbour, 2006).
Disorder of volition
There is proof that those with spiritual belief are more likely to practice inner locus of control, and this is related with improved working

Hallucination – ‘hearing’ the voice of God.

On early diagnosis the two should be treated.


Barbour, S. (2006). Schizophrenia. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press.
Castle, D., & Buckley, P. (2008). Schizophrenia. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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