Considering Your Lifetime Goals, Discuss How Your Current And Future Academic And Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-27 14:15:04
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My main goal is to bring positive change in society and to remain intellectually challenged. In this line, I wish to seek a nursing program related to either anaesthetist or anaesthesiologist. I will define myself as someone well-rounded, I engage myself in not only academic activities but also extra-curricular activities such as football and baseball. I believe that my exposure to these activities added to my holistic development as a person because it provided me with numerous opportunities to immerse myself with different people. My main inspiration towards my dream of becoming a nurse, generally, came from my mother who worked in the same field. I would often hear stories from her about how fulfilling her profession was and that inspired me to be someone like her in the future. I enjoy serving others. In fact, to further familiarize myself with the technicalities of the nursing profession and to add on to my practical exposure I usually volunteer in hospitals. My volunteer engagement allowed me to gage myself in comparison with the demands of the career. When I am admitted to the program, what I can bring is my signature enthusiasm and optimism. I know that I am someone capable of working under demanding situation because as a student I managed to balance both the demands of my academic and sports engagements. My goals in life of becoming a nurse and being a positive influence to society were natured by my family and of course by my decision to stir my career towards the nursing path. Being a student-athlete, I saw the importance of a quality medical service.

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