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Published: 2021-07-06 18:30:04
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What are the key problems that Gupta should focus on in short and long term?
According to Gupta, the old saying of “out of sight out of mind” applies to the Indians approach products usage. So in the short term the company should draw such measures to attract the public. While, in long term, the standard should also be increased to handle the competition that is faced. Large numbers of multinationals have lost their products due to the low quality
How well prepared was coke India to deal with the CSE’s allegations. Give example to support your answer.
Who are the key constituents? What do you recommend based on the study of your strategic communication, for coke’s communications strategy for the key constituents?
The investors and the consumers are the key constituents. Other constituents are the technology providers and expertise from different disciplines associated. A more integrated approach is needed which will enable increased profits and client satisfaction.
What could Coke India have done to avoid such crisis?
Coke India took the initiative on the promotional level. It spent a lot on promotion to attract large number of buyers especially in urban areas.
Coke’s current initiatives in India.
Coke India is playing an important role in the economy. On sociological aspect, Coke has a tremendous impact on the society. The recent initiatives taken by the company are that they have increased the amount of investment that not only give benefit to the company alone, but has created jobs, and also participating in many other social ways. According to the Coke Company India is their largest market, and it is following the vision 2020.

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