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Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:04
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The Gospels present Jesus as the One who died to save sinners. The main goal was to make people trust Him. Even though the central subject is the same, they differ somehow in theme. The single theme is the view of Jesus as a miracle worker. There only two nature miracles in Mark's gospel are Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus calmed the storms and Mark 6:45-56 when He walked on water. Mark shows that Jesus is a sea conqueror and is the one who makes sure there are order and peace.

Jesus did many wonders, portraying his rule over spirits and nature, and therefore proving that Gods Kingdom is at hand. Mark 1:15, says, “The moment has approached, “he uttered. “God’s kingdom is almost. Ask forgiveness and trust the excellent news!” a verse only in Mark. Forgiveness of sins or driving demons out, Jesus blessing cleanses the heart. Mark 2:1-12, Jesus did a miracle, curing the paralytic, demonstrating an ethical miracle, sins forgiveness (Adams, 12).

Jesus healed the leper (Matthew, Luke), and also healed a gentleman who was born sightless (John), possibly the more spectacular one is, and He raised Lazarus from dead (John 11). John, the Baptist disciples, were sent to inquire from Jesus whether He was a person coming or should they wait for another? Jesus reassured the Baptist through mentioning the messianic miracles: the sightless get to see, lame walk, and lepers cleansed, those unable to hear are healed, the lifeless raised, and poor get good news (Harrington, 35). The difference is, miracles in the mark gospel took place in water.

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