Argumentative Essay On Dangers Of Digital Shadow

Published: 2021-07-09 02:45:04
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The development on internet technology has posed as a threat in the display of personal information. Large scale of breaches and vulnerabilities to personal information occurs Google is to blame. Large numbers of Americans have put their information on the internet while doing their searches. They put in their information and delete not knowing that a shadow remains. Such personal information includes personal experiences, personal information like bank information and social security number. The advent of social media has even made things worse. People put share their personal experiences and they think once they are done, the information disappears. A shadow remains and years later, the same information can still be retrieved.
The consequences of these breaches and flaws by Google add an insult to people who have had their personal information stolen. Privacy no longer exists because one can now access personal information of people without their consent. The workplace has experienced challenges because information regarding companies is no longer private and rival companies can use the information on the internet for their benefit.
Children who access the internet are also at risk because they are exposed to threats like cyber bulling and identity theft. Google never forgets information and the websites and webpages make internet users more willing give their personal information, which leads to a violation of personal privacy (Fawcett, 2006).
Individuals need to put all the measures to protect their personal information on the internet. Awareness on the dangers of viruses, worms and spam is important for every person that uses the internet. Google should follow all the ethical standards regarding disclosure of information. The dangers are there and internet users have the option of disclosing their information.
Fawcett, M. (2006). This Magazine: Google never forgets. Retrieved 17 April 2014, from

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