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Published: 2021-06-23 05:40:04
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For a long time, I have consulted widely and researched on the contributions of healthcare providers in various healthcare departments. Over the years, my interest of becoming one of these great professionals has grown increasingly. Of particular interest has been dentistry. I have come to realize that through their skills and knowledge, dentists play a critical role in the healthcare of any society. This has made me develop a strong interest of pursuing the dental profession. I believe that my academic background has laid a good foundation for my enrolment for a dental profession – I hold a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. During my studies, I got well equipped with immense knowledge that I believe would be of great help as I pursue this profession.
My interest of pursuing a dental profession has developed further after having worked in a Dental Laboratory for the last four years and having severally worked as a volunteer assistant in many healthcare institutions including a dental office where I had the responsibility of sterilizing instruments, filing and doing patient recalls. Additionally, I have volunteered in many non-medical environments and have played both leadership and team roles. During this period, I have not only come across numerous people with dental problems but I have also worked closely with dentists.
My exposure in the field of healthcare as well as other non-medical environments has made me become an approachable and sociable person, a dynamic and resourceful person with interpersonal and negotiation skills, an outstanding team player as well as one who is open minded and excellent in networking. I believe that pursuing a dental profession would give me the chance to sharpen these skills further and increase my knowledge in dentistry. I have no misgivings that these would greatly influence my performance in my course of study.
My goal is to provide treatment to dental patients, to create awareness on the importance of good dental care along with enlightening people on the ways in which they can prevent dental problems. This is after having observed the level of ignorance existing in the society, particularly on dental health. My strong desire to put a smile on a patient is enough to make me go an extra mile and take extra hours to ensure that I excel in dentistry. With both education and working background in healthcare and dental laboratories respectively, I believe that my knowledge and work experience puts me in an advantageous position to qualify to pursue a dental profession.
I would really be grateful if I get the opportunity of pursuing the dental profession in your institution as it would enable me to serve and interact with humanity in a better way. I believe it would give me the opportunity of watching my ambitions and career objectives come to reality, a chance that I have been longing for – to fulfill my dreams and achieve my goals in life. Most importantly, it would allow me to increase my knowledge in dentistry and give me more hands on experience. This in turn would enable me to improve the quality of life in many individuals, thus ensuring that they live longer and fuller lives.
The exposure that I would get from interacting with more experts in dentistry as I study would enable me be the best I can be in this field. My hard work, curiosity, open mind, my attention to details, willingness to learn and strong will to deliver relevant results would be important assets as I study. Moreover, with the support I would get from my supervisors, well-equipped laboratories, excellent training and the extra effort I intend to put on my studies; I believe that this opportunity would make me a successful dentist. I always do my best in my studies as well as in practice, guided by my strong will to deliver quality and relevant results. I hope that you will consider my application and grant me the chance of doing what I love most: adding life to people’s days.

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