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Trying to Make Sense of Things

16 Nov Trying to Make Sense of Things

This weekend I had real bout of wondering about the state of the world, and frankly my place in it. I guess this is my best attempt at ordering my thoughts, and trying to make a bit of sense out of everything.

I spent much of the weekend trying to convince myself that the human race is not, as I have long-suspected, so deeply flawed that it is hellbent and hard-coded into it’s own destruction. That various tribes of people aren’t actually, as it appears, engaged in an arms race counting backwards to zero, dragging the rest of the planet with it. Frankly I’m not sure I managed to convince myself of that.

I felt really down and lost, firstly because of the horror that occurred in Paris on Friday night, where twisted humans whose minds have been subverted by others hiding their own quest for power behind an equally twisted ideology, decided to slaughter other humans while they enjoyed music or food or drink.

What also made me really fear for the future, was the responses to what happened. Mainstream media vultures circled immediately, despite having ignored a similar atrocity in Beirut a few days previously because it didn’t quite fit the narrative they prefer to pump out, asking questions of shocked bystanders, desperately seeking soundbites and footage. Clickbait headlines were everywhere in moments, cashing in on the tragedy.

Then came a steady stream of politicians immediately looking to point-score, looking to use the death of innocent people to back up their agenda, whether it be xenophobic or simply that they want to be able to track every single thing everyone says or does at all times, innocent, under-suspicion or not. (Like that is not already happening).

Perhaps encouraged by the media and the politicians, it wasn’t long before outright racism was all over social media. Steady streams of barely legible sentences essentially furthering the aims of the terrorists by doing their work for them – dividing everyone up into “us” and “them”.

Then France, lashed back out, as people tend to do when hurt and angry, and responded to the bombing of their innocent civilians by bombing innocent civilians in Syria, no doubt creating further extremists, pushed to lash out by the same anger and sorrow.

And what do we do about it? We change our Facebook profile pictures and tweet a hashtag then get on with our lives, slapping ourselves on the back that we’ve shown solidarity.

If we don’t hold the media to account, and challenge their sensationalism, don’t hold our warmongering governments and politicians to account, bombing and leveling nation after nation because they happen to be “a region of strategic importance, don’t challenge the opportunist racists in our midst, spouting their disgusting tribal views, and don’t actually DO SOMETHING to stop this spiraling madness, then we really are going to stand by as we’re all wiped off the planet, live- tweeting hashtags as it happens.

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