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Second Excerpt from ‘Today’ by Andrew Webber

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07 Jan Second Excerpt from ‘Today’ by Andrew Webber

Below is an excerpt from my new short novel “Today” following three characters through twenty-four hours of their lives that force them to reevaluate what’s important to them. It is available for pre-order now by .


The time on John’s computer screen changed to one o’clock. Lunchtime. The office had gradually started emptying from about quarter past twelve, but John was a creature of habit. He waited for the same time every day before preparing his food. He reached into his bag and took out his Tupperware, packed with his standard lunch fare: Four slices of white bread, two segments of spreadable cheese to act as a transportable butter substitute and a packet of Sainsbury’s own sliced ham. John took out the plastic knife he had remembered to take from the canteen that morning, after his coffee with Nick, and set to work making his sandwiches. He methodically spread the cheese across two slices of the bread in broad, thick strokes, making sure every corner was covered. Next, as he always did, he placed two slices of ham on the cheese covered bread. He then took his Sainsbury’s own brand crisps out, placing just enough of them on the ham to ensure each bite would be crunchy enough. A multipack can of Diet Coke took pride of place next to his creation to wash down the ham, crisp and cheese sandwiches. His colleagues often mocked him for his lunch habits, but at under £1.50 for the lot, the joke was on them. It wasn’t exactly delicious but it did the job, and that money saved went directly into his house deposit fund. His workmates could squander their wages going out for their fancy Pret-a-Manger’s every day, but he’d be on the property ladder in a year or so, watching his house value rise while they were throwing their money away on rent and expensive lunches. That was the reason he never really went out at lunchtime for team lunches either. They all thought nothing of spending fifteen quid on a burger and pint of beer, clearly without a financial plan between them.


You can pre-order “Today” now by

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