I like to listen to Mogwai, Tool and Messenger and ponder such things as, "WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?" and "WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?" . As such, my books, stories and articles tend to have a philosophical edge, which hopefully makes people think a little bit about their own purpose and meaning. Join my mailing list and I'll send you my musings straight to your inbox and you can judge for yourself.


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24 Oct It’s Nice to be Nice

I was sitting on the tube the other day, when this woman got on, carrying loads of bags in an unwieldly fashion, bumping into various dead eyed commuters. She was annoying. Her enormous frizzy hair and slightly frantic nature were also annoying. I shifted down a...

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18 Oct

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written anything major, as it has been a tough time, and quite frankly, I haven't wanted to write anything. As some people will know, I lost someone close to me, that has been a huge influence...


09 Oct Searching for Paradise

Everyone is searching for paradise. By Paradise, I don't mean that little perfect island, with palm trees and the clear blue water. I mean your happiest state. People also don't realise that Paradise is a constantly moving state, changing as your priorities do. For some people...

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26 Sep Life’s Too Short

They say Life is too short. Which really depends on what kind of life you have. To take an extreme example, I'd hazard a guess that a child starving to death in a third world country with no hope of improvement might suggest that life is too...

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11 Sep Inspiring Profiles: Tom Files

Tom Files lives a nomadic life, traveling around the world surfing, and making wine. I have known Tom since I was 11, and have mentioned him in a previous piece about surrounding yourself with the right people. I like to surround myself with people with the type of...

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