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Accountable for Our Security


06 Dec Accountable for Our Security

We all awoke on Thursday morning to the news that not only had our MP’s voted in favour of dropping bombs Syrian territory, but that they had also already carried out the first attack within minutes of the vote passing.

What a deeply sad time we live in. One where our governments urge to be seen to doing something, doing anything, so that it can still be one regarded as one of the big players on the international field means launching bombs and missiles at a location dense with civilians. It seems the human race has been lead to a point where it is so hellbent on fighting fire with fire that it’s only a matter of time before it spreads, engulfing more and more innocent people in its flames.

Obviously, IS need to be destroyed, but the West labours under the illusion that we are still playing under old rules of conflict, one of territory and bases where levelling an area with bombs results in victory. It’s a futile exercise. You can’t bomb an idea that is not static, morphs and multiplies with every civilian death, and recruits native sleeper cells all over the world by using those civilian deaths as its main recruitment tool, holding them up as a demonstration of  the West’s thirst for war and territory.

The U.K. population has just been thrust into a complex war, with many different warring factions, where the destruction of IS has become a political football entangled together with the brutal Syrian civil war. This chess match of strategic positioning played by The US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia is played out on a board carved from the rubble of the now desolate Syrian landscape and littered with dead civilian bodies. It’s more Political positioning under the guise of security. The stupidity being the fact that the rag-tag band of ‘allies’ all want different outcomes to the war. You don’t have to be a genius to work out that’s not going to be very effective.

The UK civilian population is having this war carried out it in its name, approved by UK parliament. Whether you believe it is right of vehemently oppose it, we will all be tarred with the same brush by people wishing to now define us as a legitimate target. The certain deaths of further civilians in Syria, explained away as collateral damage, will surely now make the UK population a target for reprisals.

Our entry into this war is being done in the name of our security. Even from a statistical point of view this worries me. There have been less than five terrorist attacks on UK soil in the last ten years (depending on your definition). We are told that there have been hundreds of other attempts that have been foiled. So let’s assume a 99% success rate for our security forces. But what if the volume of attacks increases now as a result of our entry into the conflict? What if we keep the same success rate (unlikely given impending cuts to the police force) but the attacks double? Purely statistically we will see more terrorist attacks and deaths on these shores as a result of our bombing campaign. Basic mathematics suggest to me that in the short term at least, the likelihood of a successful terrorist attack on this country is increased as a direct result of this determination to embroil ourselves in Syria.

But if it’s not being done in the name of security, and it isn’t likely to achieve the aim of destroying IS, what are we doing, other than repeating the same mistakes of the past? The mistakes of Iraq, the illegal war which has now be accepted as the cause of IS in the first place? Are we dropping bombs on civilians just so we can be doing something? So that the US and the French and the Saudi’s see we are ‘doing our bit’?

For me, war and the inevitable spread of death should be the absolute last option, not the first thing people jump to suggest and carry out, without thinking through the objective or what happens when the bombs have been dropped. Certainly not when this is what brought us here in the first place.

Keep in your thoughts the Syrian civilians who are already paying for the supposed security of you or I with their lives and the lives of their children.

But also keep in mind who voted for this. When we look back on this from the future,  make sure we hold those who voted in favour of this accountable.

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