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Monday Morning Blues


23 Sep Monday Morning Blues

Who out there has got the Monday Morning Blues?

Everyone seems to speak about them. Some people even get the Sunday night blues, just because it is immediately before Monday Morning.

You know the feeling – you’ve had a lovely weekend, doing things you want to do, rather than have to do. Maybe you just relaxed, pottered around and see family or friends. Maybe you a big night out and were hungover yesterday (which always made Monday morning worse I found in my days of drinking regularly).

You can feel it in the air on a Monday morning. Commuters everywhere, resenting paying a fortune to being treated like cattle, herded onto a train, to go somewhere most of them don’t want to go.

Which begs the question – why does everyone do it if it makes them so miserable?

Some people love their jobs. They don’t mind going into work, in whatever format work is for them. Maybe they love the office they go into everyday, or the people they work with. Maybe they work at something they truly care about, that gives them great satisfaction. Maybe they are a musician, or work for a sports organisation they love, or work for a charity promoting world peace (all examples of people I know who love their jobs).

The vast majority do not love their jobs. Some see them as a necessary evil. Some hate them. If you see them as a necessary evil, as you need money to pay for stuff, then I’m afraid you need to stop moaning about having to go to work. To quote Tyler Durden in Fight Club:

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

If that is you, then stop moaning about Monday Morning Blues. The need to go to work every Monday morning is driven by your need to buy stuff. Get used to it, if you are going to carry on buying ‘luxury’ (ie not things you need to survive) stuff, then this is the next 30-40 years of your life. Better to accept it for what it is and not moan about it.

If you hate your job, as some people do, then there is a very simple solution. Leave. If the long hours, that force you to have a glass of wine every night to “unwind”, make you miserable, or your boss is a nightmare. Why stick with it. I started a job once and hated it. So i left a month later, after giving it a chance to improve. It didn’t and it was sucking the life out of me after only a month.

If you are one of those people who says they want to try something different, or do something they feel more passionate about, have some imagination and do it. Talking about it doesn’t get it done. As much as everyone has reasons and things that can hold them back, if you are that passionate about it, you will find a way. Maybe you will have to make the odd sacrifice. Like not buying that handbag, or that new jacket. Or just not going out drinking as often. What would you rather be, a well dressed person going to a job they hate, or a slightly less dapper person doing something they love. (This is just a random example – I do realise they are not mutually exclusive!)

As a few people that I speak to regularly know, one of my favourite things to quote, is the fact that the Human Being is the only species to ignore instinct. This inbuilt mechanism that enabled us to evolve to our current state now gets ignored and overwritten by our desire to conform to social norms.

Monday Morning Blues is your instinct telling you something. It’s that you don’t enjoy what you are doing. It’s also telling you that you have a choice.

Just have a think about it on your monday morning commute – what would you rather be doing?

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