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The 1990s saw the Launch of Different Lloyd Webber productions, Such as Sunset Boulevard (1994), a Movie version of Cats (1998) and Whistle Down the Wind (1998).

Not one of those works were strikes, also Whistle was a downright tragedy, using its Broadway run canceled before it started after a gloomy opening in Washington, D.C.. A record of covers in the musical was published, however, and also the song"No Matter What," listed by Boyzone, proceeded to become an global smash.

The 21st century discovered Andrew Lloyd Webber composing and producing many functions, one of them The Gorgeous Sport (2000), Bombay Dreams (2002), The Woman in White (2004), The Sound of Music (2006)--the celebrity of that was discovered with a reality TV series --and also Love Never Dies (2010), a sequel to Ghost .

Each one these functions, as with lots of Lloyd Webber's musicals, received mixed reviews from critics, and not one could replicate the achievement the composer had discovered previously. In 2011, Lloyd Webber introduced a musical theatre version of The Wizard of Oz. The lead was plucked from a reality TV series, and also the creation once more opened into a mixed critical reception.

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