I like to listen to Mogwai, Tool and Messenger and ponder such things as, "WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?" and "WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?" . As such, my books, stories and articles tend to have a philosophical edge, which hopefully makes people think a little bit about their own purpose and meaning. Join my mailing list and I'll send you my musings straight to your inbox and you can judge for yourself.


September 2013


26 Sep Life’s Too Short

They say Life is too short. Which really depends on what kind of life you have. To take an extreme example, I'd hazard a guess that a child starving to death in a third world country with no hope of improvement might suggest that life is too...

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23 Sep Monday Morning Blues

Who out there has got the Monday Morning Blues? Everyone seems to speak about them. Some people even get the Sunday night blues, just because it is immediately before Monday Morning. You know the feeling - you've had a lovely weekend, doing things you want to do,...

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18 Sep

Over the last couple of years I have really come to appreciate the mental benefits of running. The physical benefits are often what people concentrate on, as I did until the last year or so. I ran because I had to, to keep fit for Hockey...


11 Sep Inspiring Profiles: Tom Files

Tom Files lives a nomadic life, traveling around the world surfing, and making wine. I have known Tom since I was 11, and have mentioned him in a previous piece about surrounding yourself with the right people. I like to surround myself with people with the type of...

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10 Sep

This week seemed like a good time for an update on the progress of my first book; " The Tenants ”. As some of you will know, I reached my target on Kickstarter this week, the crowdfunding platform for artistic projects, which means that The Tenants...

03 Sep

The last few weeks since I returned from Thailand have been quite an emotional journey, as some of my friends and family will know about. I came back early from my trip due to some unforeseen circumstances at home and it has had quite a...